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How Can I Teach HOPE?

Posted in A Class Act by Linden Barrick on March 5, 2012

As I look around my classroom every day, I see all levels of hope. Some students feel secure in their future, truly believing they will attain their dreams. Others, already at 13 or 14 years old, seem to have lost all hope for a successful future, in their fellow human beings, in their own abilities, and especially in their circumstances.

Teachers are supposed to do whatever it takes to educate their students. Many times, we forget what occurs outside the walls of the school building. We ask, “Why can’t Johnny add and subtract?” or “Why can’t Sally remember how to write a complete sentence?” We don’t realize Johnny watched his separated parents get handcuffed and taken into custody last night for fighting in public. And they were fighting over him. Maybe Sally watched her teenage sister give birth to a child conceived with an abusive boyfriend. Or maybe they haven’t eaten breakfast. Or dinner last night. And all they can think about is lunch being served in two hours, not the periodic chart in science.

These kids don’t have hope. Even though hope doesn’t change circumstances, it allows us to weather the storms in life because we believe the future will have some sunny days. The Bible doesn’t promise life will be without storms, but it does promise God will calm the person within the storm and allow them to make it through with peace in their hearts.

So how do I possibly teach hope to these kids? The starting point is building hope in their own ability. Success in the classroom can go a long way toward boosting a student’s belief in what he or she can accomplish. The hard one is hope in circumstances. Many are in situations created by adults who have no hope themselves and pass that down to their children. All of these individuals, adults and children alike, need the ultimate hope which can only come from God. I pray for the spirit of hope to someday consume each and every one of them.


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