Hello, God. Welcome to My Classroom

One Difference Between Tests and Life

Posted in A Class Act by Linden Barrick on March 8, 2012

Students get one shot at passing standardized state tests. At the 8th grade level, most of the tests don’t have to be taken over again if a student fails, but is it fair to say, “Oh well, he failed,” and pass him onto the next grade where he will face another standardized test? My heart cries for the students who know the subject but don’t test well. It’s not a fair assessment of whether they are “pass advanced,” “pass proficient,” or “failed,” but that’s how it’s done. This week my students took their standardized test in writing. I pray they all did well, but if they didn’t, it doesn’t mean they are failures by any stretch of the imagination.

I serve an awesome God who is forgiving and patient. Thank goodness He doesn’t pick a specific day and judge all I’ve learned at that one point in time. I mess up time and time again, and He keeps giving me more chances to “pass” His test.


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