Hello, God. Welcome to My Classroom

Why God Doesn’t Mind Plagiarism

Posted in A Class Act by Linden Barrick on March 12, 2012

Recently, I handed back biography projects to my students. A few of them lost points because of plagiarism, even though they all know what plagiarism is and I warned them about it when we reviewed the guidelines for the project. In middle school, students lose points for plagiarism, but I explain to them that once they reach high school, plagiarism will result in a zero on their projects, and in college they will probably get kicked out without any refund of the hundreds or thousands of dollars they’ve spent to be there.

God doesn’t mind plagiarism. In fact, he wants us to copy. He even gave us the perfect example for us to copy in his son, Jesus. Isn’t it wonderful that we are allowed to copy perfection without losing any points? Unfortunately, none of us ever come close to the example, but He just keeps letting us try. What an awesome God!


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