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Pure Anticipation

Posted in A Class Act by Linden Barrick on April 5, 2012

Three of the best days every school year:
#1 – the last day before summer break
#2 – the last day before Christmas break
#3 – the last day before spring break

Guess what? Tomorrow is #3. And are we ever ready for it. Students are fidgety and unfocused. Teachers are burnt out and anxious. We all need a break before school breaks us.

But there has been an underlying anticipation floating through the halls, buoying everyone’s spirit through these last few days. I can feel it in the air. It’s almost palpable.

For me, this anticipation is for Easter, celebrating Jesus’ sacrifice and spending time with loved ones. And it’s anticipation for going out of town with Autumn and Colton to spend two days with a good friend and her kids, hopefully soaking up some of God’s sunshine on the beach (even if I’m wrapped in a towel or blanket). And it’s for working with the youth group, serving our community one day and working to raise money for mission camp another.

After next week, I’ll be refreshed and ready to return to my classroom, equipped to prepare my students for the end-of-year tests. There’s nothing like time spent focusing on God and others to renew the soul.

What helps you restore your spirit?


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  1. Hi, I just popped over here and I noticed you are a teacher too. I am a music teacher. I have been on spring break this week and I have to say I am feeling very refreshed having a week to be with my own kids and write. I hope you enjoy your break, we teachers deserve it!

    • Thanks so much, Melissa. I’m really looking forward to it. As usual, it seems that almost every moment is planned for something, but I did save one whole day for the computer!

  2. Very nice post! Just raising my hands to Him each morning and thanking Him, lifts my spirits! So happy about Easter coming! God is great!

  3. sharon Srock said,

    I take one of my grandchildren on a special vacation each year. This year is a week in Disney World in just about 5 weeks. Taking them one at a time is so awesome. I get to see a side of them that often gets buried under the sibling rivalry ans bickering.

    We’ve been to Hawaii, on several cruises, the grand canyon, Cozumel

    • Sharon,
      That sounds wonderful. When mine have kids of their own, I’d love to do that. Right now we’re still in the Little League, band practice, Cub Scouts, etc., mode that goes along with having them still at home. Loving every chaotic minute of it, but grandkids are something to look forward to in the future!

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