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Does It Count?

Posted in A Class Act by Linden Barrick on April 8, 2012

Does this count? Is this for a grade? These questions cause my eyebrows to twitch and my toes to curl with frustration when I introduce an assignment or project to my students. Unfortunately, many of them refuse to put forth effort unless they feel the activity translates into a grade. Doesn’t the experience itself and the knowledge gained matter? Not to many of them.

Once I gain control of my errant eyebrows and uncurl my toes, I remind myself these kids are thirteen or fourteen years old. Some simply aren’t mature enough to relate what they do now to their future. There is a certain percentage who understand the connection, but I always have many who prefer to do the absolute minimum. As long as they pass, they’re content.

But is this only an issue with teens? No, I have to admit it’s not. I wonder how many times I make God’s eyebrows twitch when I ignore an opportunity He places in my path because I don’t think it counts toward my future. Gee, isn’t my future eternal? Yes! He promised it. And yet, how often do I choose to stare at the television rather than read my Bible as if it doesn’t count? How many times do I buy myself something I don’t need instead of giving more to those in need?

No, this is in no way a teen issue. What I do every single day is directly related to my future. Thankfully, God promises it will be glorious. Even when I forget what counts.


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  1. It’s funny you posted this today. I am a music teacher, an elementary music teacher. But I also teach this weird Humanities thing that ties into my students science and social studies. Today in 5th grade humanities I was giving my students work and I told them, “Your teacher is checking this for your report card so you need to do your best. This isn’t just a music thing.”

    How many times I wish God would speak to me so clearly. “Hey, this opportunity over here, you need to take it because this is going to have a big impact on your life.”

    Your words are so true. I guess, instead, I should just never let a moment pass by because ever moment counts.

  2. Thanks, Melissa, for reading and commenting. Yes, sometimes I wish God would be a little clearer (or maybe just hit me up side the head) to get my attention! 🙂

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