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Turn Now!

Posted in A Class Act by Linden Barrick on April 15, 2012

My daughter, Autumn, has her learner’s permit, but she isn’t an eager driver. Driving to church or school, she feels secure, but if we’re headed anywhere else, she dodges the opportunity to add to her behind-the-wheel hours.

This morning, she drove home from church, which can be quite a challenge. When coming from “town” (this term is used lightly when describing our rural county since it doesn’t have a single stoplight), we have to turn left onto our lane after coming around a long, sharp, 55 mph curve. If there is an oncoming car, we’re a sitting duck for any car flying around the curve behind us. It’s nerve-wracking even for someone who has been driving for decades, so I understand Autumn’s nervousness. One time a few months ago, I sat there waiting for an oncoming car to pass and watched in my rearview as a pick-up collided with the delivery truck stopped directly behind me.  The pick-up was demolished. If the delivery truck hadn’t been between us, my car would’ve been an accordion.

This morning as we rounded the curve, I glanced in the side mirror and noticed quite a few cars. Thankfully, they were close enough to take the curve with us. As we approached our lane, the only oncoming car passed by freeing us to turn. But Autumn continued to slow, almost to a stop.

“Turn now!” I hate to lose my cool while she’s driving, but I knew she needed to clear the way for the cars behind us. The longer they were slowed or stopped, the greater the chance someone would come speeding around the curve and rear-end them. Trying to calm my voice, I continued, “You don’t have to come to a complete stop before you change direction. Keep moving.”

As we idled down our gravel lane, I wondered how often God wants to holler the same thing at me. Probably a lot. “Keep moving! Why do you have to come to a standstill before you ask me for directions and turn the right way?” Too often when I’m headed in the wrong direction, I let myself stall out completely before looking to Him for guidance. I need to start listening closer when He shouts, “Turn now!”


4 Responses to 'Turn Now!'

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  1. Tanya said,

    Sometimes it’s hard to be in the driver’s seat. I like to have too much control. =0) Enjoyed your post, Linden!

    • Thanks! Jumping into the driver’s seat is a hard habit to break. And she’s not excited enough about driving to say, “Hey, Mom, move out of my way!” Oh, well. When she’s ready, it’ll happen.
      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Rick said,

    This brought back memories and made me laugh. It also made me realize I have one more to teach how to drive!

    Be sure to tell Autumn not to speed. It seems there are actually deputies on patrol these days!

    • Mark would be happy you noticed! 🙂

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