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What is Your Friendship Worth?

Posted in A Class Act by Linden Barrick on May 16, 2012

The teenagers in my class are devoted to their peers. At their age, friendships rule; parents and school take a backseat. I’m sure if my students ranked what is most important in their lives, friends would be #1 on most of the lists. When I was their age, I felt the same way.

Now, I live half way across the country from where I went to middle school, or junior high as we older folks used to call it. Facebook and other social networks have allowed me to stay in touch with a lot of my schoolmates. I’m grateful for that, but as adults, our friendships can be hidden in the shadow of spouses, children, jobs, and other responsibilities. Being a true friend takes time and effort, and it’s hard to find either of those in a busy daily routine. But it’s necessary to slice out time for those relationships, especially if you find one you can’t live without. I am blessed to have one friend who is a Friend with a capital F.

This week has been tough for my friend and her family. I have heard her cry, laugh through the tears, give uplifting testimonies to others, and keep going through it all. She’s an awesome person, a child of the King, which of course makes her a Princess. But she’s so much more than that to so many people. To me, she is the following (although the list is actually endless):

1. She is my spiritual inspiration and Biblical reference.

2. She holds me up when I’m ready to fall.

3. She needs me for direction. Not really. She knows what direction she’s going in life, but she definitely needs me for directions. Even with a GPS, this girl can get lost.

4. She accepts all my moods…my silliness, anger, anxiousness, uncertainty, and occasional craziness.

5. When I’m planning something stupid, she stops me.

6. She is a co-volunteer at 3:00 a.m. even when she insists I’m an idiot for volunteering.

7. She’s the leader. I’m the manager. She is the public speaker, people-person. I’m the worker bee, logistics organizer. We make a good team.

8. When we don’t get a chance to chat, my day feels incomplete.

The picture above shows us on a day when we 1) got lost, 2) laughed until we cried, 3) proved to her husband we are dangerous together, and 4) realized sometimes a story is better than an experience. Yes, those are Chick-fil-A cow hats on our heads.

What is my friendship worth? I pray it’s valuable to her because hers is priceless, something that could never be replaced if lost. I thank God for the precious gift He’s given me in her.

Thanks, LA, for all you add to my life. No telling where I’d be without you.

Tell someone today what their friendship means to you.


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  1. Great post. I especially love #7. So many people get caught up in differences. It looks like you two use them to your advantage.

  2. Lee Anne Bray said,

    O.K so I am now crying all over the place, and it’s not because you put that lovely picture out for all the world to see! That was incredibly sweet and I can assure you that you are cetainly priceless to me. We are a good team and I thank God that He let our paths cross.

  3. […] through the list of what would be happening in my absence. I have to depend on my invaluable friends and mother-in-law to get the kids where they need to go each day. My return on Friday seemed far […]

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