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The End is Near

Posted in A Class Act by Linden Barrick on June 13, 2012

The end of the school year draws near. On Friday, my 8th grade students will celebrate with a promotion ceremony. As they walk out the doors of the middle school, their time here will end. This bittersweet time of year stirs my emotions. Of course some students I willingly let go, but the many who have touched my life during the past nine months overshadow them. God blesses me with this opportunity each year, the chance to experience their growth and their gifts.

To them, I offer these few pieces of advice:

Spend some of your time impressing adults, instead of your friends
Yesterday, I asked my students if they would feel comfortable asking any adult in the school to write a letter of recommendation for them. Some would have to answer “no” if they were truly honest about it because they have spent their middle school years trying to gain acceptance with their peers. I want these students to realize that although friends play an important role in life, the adults, mentors, and others who have already experienced success will offer the most assistance.

Your daily life directly impacts your future
Many of my students have trouble seeing the future. Blinders hide the years ahead, and they rarely connect what they do now with anything awaiting them. I want to impress upon them the importance of their daily actions now and how they will affect the days and years ahead.

Dream. On second thought, dream BIG.
As your life progresses, your dreams will fluctuate. Some will fade, some not. That’s okay as long as you have them. But don’t let them remain dreams. Start turning them into reality. This takes hard work, but you can make it happen.

I pray God will lead these students, guiding them on a path of success. Some of them will look to Him, but so many more struggle to discover the direction to follow.

I will miss them and pray God blesses them all.


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