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What Should You Declutter?

Posted in A Class Act by Linden Barrick on June 19, 2012

Today is my first official day of summer break. Usually, I have a list of summer projects, many of which never get completed as the eight weeks fly by. This year, I didn’t make a list of projects because I want to focus on my writing rather than worry about decluttering my house.

Wouldn’t you know it, when I opened my inbox this morning, today’s writing challenge is about decluttering. Many aspects of writing could be major summer projects. Here are a few where I need to concentrate:

  • Space – I need an organized space where I can write this summer. The problem is I’ll only be home for about three weeks between now and when I have to return to school. I guess my “space” will be wherever inspiration hits me, whether I’m in a hotel room, at the home of a family member, at the lake, or at mission camp with the youth group. (That last one may be nearly impossible. The teens keep us busy. And exhausted.)
  • Time – Spending time writing while ignoring my kids, the beach, email, and social media can be a struggle. Even research can lead me astray. Click on one interesting (but irrelevant) link, and I’m off on an adventure in cyberspace. A daily schedule will ensure my writing doesn’t take a back seat to all the other exciting summer possibilities.
  • Mind – When I do force “butt in the chair” time and have a specific word count as a goal, sometimes my mind won’t cooperate. Everything distracts me, including piles of laundry, a sympathy card I need to send, my son playing in the yard, a newly discovered writing website, having lunch with a friend, or painting my toenails at ten in the morning just because I can (teacher’s dream). Reining in my thoughts to focus on my writing is a definite priority.
  • My words – Most importantly, my writing needs to be decluttered. I love to edit. Sometimes I do a good job of it. Sometimes not. I can always improve. All of my writing requires attention and this is undeniably my #1 summer project.

What do you need to declutter in your life?


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