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Homecoming or Home-going?

Posted in A Class Act by Linden Barrick on June 30, 2012
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Last Friday, I attended the funeral of a dear woman, a true angel even before she went to heaven. Her son-in-law, an Army chaplain, gave the eulogy. He referred to Dot’s passing as a “home-going” because she was going home to be with the Lord.

Monday morning, I left for a week-long conference with mixed emotions. I enjoy time away but also miss Mark and the kids. As I drove to Richmond, my mind swirled, running through the list of what would be happening in my absence. I have to depend on my invaluable friends and mother-in-law to get the kids where they need to go each day. My return on Friday seemed far away.

When you leave home, do you think of coming back as a homecoming? I used to, but I’m determined to abandon that mindset. Now that I’ve been introduced to home-goings, homecomings seem selfish. A homecoming places the emphasis on whoever’s returning. From now on when I return from somewhere, I want the focus to be on those waiting for me when I get there.

Yesterday, I experienced my home-going, a celebration of seeing Mark, Autumn, Colton, and even the cat and the silly squirrels that hang out on our deck and peek in our windows.


I propose the following challenge. If everyone leaves their home each day with the thought of a home-going in the evening, it would improve the attitude of all people involved.

Think about it. If you return home thinking of how exhausted you are, fretting about the project sitting unfinished on your desk, or wondering if anyone in the family chipped in to complete one of your chores, all of these self-centered thoughts will affect everyone in the house.

Let’s arrive home every day anticipating time with our kids and spouse, concentrating on what their day has been like instead of our own. Are you with me?

Who’s waiting for you at your home-going today?


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  1. marneymcnall said,

    I like the idea of homegoing vs. homecoming. As you said, a very different perspective.

    The photos of the squirrels are so cute. In the one, he looks like he’s thinking, “Man, it’s hot out here.” In the other, “Hey, how ’bout you let me in where it’s nice and cool.”

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