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3 Ways Opportunities Are Like Automatic Doors

Posted in A Class Act by Linden Barrick on July 10, 2012
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Everyone faces opportunities in life and must make the decision whether or not to accept them. But do you ever think other people get more opportunities than you? They have so many opportunities they can choose which to take advantage of and which to let pass on by. Others get all the breaks while you sit and wait, wondering why you don’t have those same chances.

Opportunities are like automatic doors. There are a few things you must do or else they won’t work. You can’t simply wait for the door to open because it won’t without your involvement.

You have to be moving.
You can’t remain stagnant and expect an opportunity to open up for you. If you aren’t working your way toward the door, it will stay closed. When God said, “be still” he wasn’t referring to his plan for your life. You have to take an active role to find the opportunities waiting for you.

You have to get close.
An automatic door will only open once you get close enough to it to trip the sensor. If you spend your time going willy-nilly from one thing to the next without any focus, you will rarely get close enough for an opportunity to sense your interest. If you don’t set your sights on something and invest your time and effort, why would you be considered?

You may find out it’s not for you.
Have you ever approached an automatic door, but it didn’t open? I have. It was an exit instead of an entrance so it remained closed. Opportunities are like that. If you approach the wrong door, it won’t open for you. That’s when you adjust your focus and move toward the next door to test whether it’s the opportunity for you.

Are there opportunities waiting for you? Which door do you need to approach today?


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