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Are You Focusing on the Rearview Mirror?

Posted in A Class Act by Linden Barrick on July 27, 2012
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My stomach clenches and quickly reaches up to strangle my breathing. My eyes shift from the speedometer to the rearview mirror. How fast was I going? Did he clock me? Is he coming? Are those flashing lights I see?

The next few miles pass in slow motion, fear preventing me from going even one m.p.h. over the limit. I focus on what’s behind me, the mistake I made, instead of observing what I’m currently driving through or anticipating what lies ahead.

Have you ever felt this way? Trying to move forward but focusing on what’s behind?

Sometimes I wonder how much life I’ve missed because I’ve been examining the rearview mirror in my mind, obsessing over all that I’ve done wrong. When I do this, I diminish my productivity and squelch my dreams. I listen to that little voice telling me I’ve failed before. How could I possibly succeed in the future?

The devil loves it when I do this because it makes me an ineffective servant in God’s kingdom.

Mistakes are part of experience. Exploring them thoroughly and using what I learn from that exploration to change my behavior is a good thing. But being consumed by them hinders my usefulness and ability to live up to the purpose God gave me.

I have to adjust my view so I look through the windshield to see what opportunities are available. If I don’t, my gifts will be wasted and my life will lack value. When I look in the rearview mirror, my attention should only be on my kids sitting in the backseat, beautiful examples of my present and future blessings.

Do you obsess over mistakes from your past? How have you learned from and let go of those mistakes?


6 Responses to 'Are You Focusing on the Rearview Mirror?'

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  1. Holly Michael said,

    Awesome post today!!! Best advice I ever got, don’t look back

    • Thanks, Holly! Just want to let you know I’ll be cheering for the Saints this year. Except if they play against the Chiefs! 🙂

  2. Martha Powers said,

    Let go of the past. Linden, what a gift you have! Much will be required from you because of it. I read your blog daily and there is always a message in it personally for me.

    • Thanks, Martha! I’m glad you enjoy it. Pass it on…I’d love to have more followers! Hope to see you soon,

  3. Linden, excellent blog and question. I do look back occasionally, but as much to get my bearings to refocus on the trip in this moment. The last year plus I have returned to some spiritual roots with quiet time each day and now a specific day disconnecting. I find I am better anchored.


    • Ivon,
      That quiet time really makes a huge difference doesn’t it? But it’s so easy to get out of the habit. I’m struggling with time management right now on many different levels, and that is one of them. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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