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What Churns Up Your Memories?

Posted in A Class Act by Linden Barrick on August 2, 2012
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Do you rush through life and miss simple things? Do days and weeks pass without you noticing your surroundings? I feel that way most of the time, but occasionally something happens to remind me to open my eyes a little more often.

Yesterday, we were headed to the airport and had a brief sighting of a peacock. It changed my whole day. Have you ever waded through a creek, letting your feet shift through the mud, churning it up in swirls through the water? That’s how my mind felt after I saw the peacock. Memories swirled up and clouded my focus for much of the day.

Some of you might be thinking those must be awful memories to be compared to mud, but you obviously haven’t squished your toes in cool mud on a hot summer day. It’s a glorious experience and so was reliving my memories. Distracted and happy – that’s how I would describe the rest of my day.

My grandparents had peacocks on The Farm. Yes, it’s capitalized. To my dad’s family, The Farm represented a little slice of heaven on earth.

I remember sitting on the porch swing, wrapped up in a quilt against the evening cool, cuddled up with Grandmother. She would swing us back and forth, sing Bible songs or just talk about life on The Farm. And occasionally she would be interrupted by the cry of help from a peacock.

Have you ever heard a peacock cry? It sounds like “Help!” But Grandmother’s birds never sounded distressed, and if I squinted against the dusk, I could see them getting ready to roost up in the trees. The cries were simply one element in the peace and tranquility of an evening on The Farm.

After remembering those pleasant times, my mind refocused on the present, hurrying to the airport so we could sit and wait. But soon another memory floated in. And then another. All day long, my mind shifted through memories of The Farm, Daddy, Grandmother and Granddad, aunts, uncles, and cousins. What a beautiful way to spend the day.

Here are some more memories caused by from my peacock sighting (I think I’m blogging about them so I can relive them again):

We used to jump from the roof of the chicken coop onto the trampoline, and finally, after a lot of practice, we were able to stick the landing. Of course, Uncle Kevin could go the opposite direction. He would jump from the trampoline up to the roof. He stuck his landing every time.

Grandmother always produced huge meals, whether a holiday or not. Everyone gathered around the table, either in the kitchen or the dining room, long after the meal disappeared.

My uncle Kevin, my cousin Scott, and Grandmother

When snow blanketed the cow pasture, the men fashioned a sled from plywood and would pull us behind the old pickup truck.

When the hay barn bulged with bales, we would divide into teams, climb to the top and swing on a bag swing the length of the barn, picking up new riders at the top of every swing. Usually after two or three were on the swing, we would end up in a giggling pile on the barn floor.

Daddy and Uncle Tom usually spent some quiet time together. I’m not sure if it was mostly silent while they read or if most consisted of conversation, but I know Daddy relished their time together.

My uncle Tom and Daddy

To celebrate the 4th of July, we inserted firecrackers into cow pies and watched them explode.

I have no memory of shooting a gun myself, but I enjoyed carrying a gunny sack and trudging along with Daddy and the rest of the hunters. The gunny sack was for carrying whatever game they killed.

Me, my BFF Monique, my uncle Brant, my “uncle” Lewis, my cousin Karey, and my uncle Kevin

Those memories, along with so many others from the time I spent at The Farm, continued to surprise me throughout my day of travel from home to St. Louis yesterday. The most incredible part of the peacock sighting is I’m going to see Uncle Kevin and his family on Saturday. I haven’t seen them for many, many years. That peacock not only churned up my memories but also my anticipation for the reunion to come.

Do simple things flood your mind with memories? Do you take time to notice those simple things? Share your experience in the comments.



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  1. sebtekrah said,

    That’s how life should be, just the simple things is a mere reminder on how simple life is. Sometimes we should put our hero suits aside from everyone else, and just save ourselves.
    Peace and love

    • LOVE the hero suit reference! Thanks so much for reading and commenting. Blessings!

  2. […] I came across this one of my sister Lauren and me at The Farm. Last year, I blogged about The Farm (What Churns Up Your Memories?), but when I re-read it today, I noticed I didn’t mention the Easter egg hunts. I can’t even […]

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