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Do You Live by Common Sense?

Posted in A Class Act by Linden Barrick on August 9, 2012
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“We had more guts than good sense.”

I heard this comment last night during a conversation about the crazy behavior of teens. Peer pressure, too many hormones, and growing pains can all cause teens to make really stupid decisions. Did you ever do anything ‘back in the day’ that makes you cringe when you think of it as an adult?

Did you ever climb a water tower to spray paint a name and a heart to impress a girl?

Did you ever toilet paper a house?

Did you ever steal something for the thrill of it?

Did you ever drive too fast so your buddies thought you were “super cool”?

You may not have done any of those, but I think many people can look back, shake their heads and proclaim. Wow, I was a total idiot back then!

As adults, many of us become more conservative in our actions and use much more common sense. Those who don’t are seen as renegades or rebels, and it’s rarely considered a positive trait.

But does God want us to use common sense? At M-Fuge, the mission camp I attended with my youth group last month, Pastor Tim Bertram made me realize sometimes ignoring common sense is the best choice. The Bible is full of examples of this.

Did Noah use common sense when God told him to build an ark – even though it had never rained a drop?

Did Moses use common sense when he spoke to the burning bush?

Did the disciples use common sense when told to drop everything and follow Jesus?

Did David use common sense when he faced Goliath?

No. If they had used common sense, they wouldn’t have followed the path God planned for them. Sometimes, we just can’t fathom what God has up his sleeve, and we need to follow without trying to figure it out.

It’s called obedience.

And it often doesn’t make sense to us. Why in the world does God want me to go to an impoverished country? Why does God want me to embrace that rebellious teen who threatened me? Why does God want me to unlock my car door and give that scary-looking individual some money in the part of town with the highest crime rate? Why would God want me to teach Sunday School to preschoolers. I don’t like kids that age.

None of it makes sense. But we’re called to do it. The next time your brain tells you something doesn’t make sense, maybe you should listen to your heart instead.

Because obeying God makes the most sense of all.

When have you ignored your common sense to follow God? Share in a comment.


4 Responses to 'Do You Live by Common Sense?'

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  1. Ralph said,

    Hi Linden. Yes, I was a very naughty boy. But I am sensible now 😉

    • Good for you! 🙂
      Thanks for reading a commenting!

  2. Linden, you make an excellent point. When we look back through history, we find many of our heroes and heroines defied what might have been understood as common sense. My wife calls it uncommon common sense.

    Thank you,


    • Love your wife’s perspective! Thanks for reading and commenting! Blessings.

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