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Is Your Grass Green?

Posted in A Class Act by Linden Barrick on September 21, 2012
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I can’t wait to get to the high school. The ultimate “grass is always greener” scenario for my middle school students.

Yes, being in 8th grade can be tough. The kids are old enough to think they know it all but too young to be allowed the freedoms they think they deserve.

Usually I ask them what will be different there once they get there. I get a variety of answers. They’ll have more freedom. They won’t have dumb rules to follow. They won’t have to deal with drama. They’ll be happy.

If only it was that simple. Instead of accepting the current circumstances, taking advantage of the opportunities in their present life, the kids think moving to a different school will eliminate conflict and issues.

But do they realize their peers will be moving with them? Their study habits will tag along? And their attitudes – usually their worst enemies – are part of the high school package?

Do you know adults who have the same misconceptions?

If I could only get a new job.

If I could marry someone special.

If I could divorce my spouse.

If I could live in a bigger house.

If I had more friends.

If I drove a fancier car.

If my children weren’t little devils.

“If” is such a prison. It can suck you into the depths of delusion. It will shift your focus from what you have to everything you lack. And that sort of vision can warp your whole outlook and foster envy and discontent.

Achieving a level of success or accumulating “things” will not solve problems. They merely create their own set of problems, and if you don’t know how to deal with problems in one situation, you won’t in another.

Consider your present surroundings. Examine your life. Is it worth some gratitude? Take a moment today to count your blessings. I promise life will be much sweeter when you do.


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  1. Judy said,

    “If is such a prison.”. True and well said!

    • I try so hard to not get caught in the “if” trap but it’s hard! Thanks for agreeing and commenting! Blessings.

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