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Do You Like to Win?

Posted in A Class Act by Linden Barrick on September 26, 2012
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I do! Thanks to Lisa at Deep and Wonderful Thoughts, I have won the One Lovely Blog Award. You should check out Lisa’s blog, a collection of illustrations on parenting, spirituality, and life. It’s inspiring and thought-provoking, and I’m so appreciative that she recognized me.

According to the rules of this award, I’m supposed to 1) recognize the one who nominated me (see above), 2) tell seven things about myself, and 3) nominate fifteen other bloggers. Here I go…

Seven things about me:

1. I have 2 kids, Autumn and Colton, and a new puppy, Rico.
2. My husband, Mark, is the sheriff of our rural county of Mathews, Virginia, which is a little slice of heaven on the Chesapeake Bay.
3. I teach 8th grade language arts and love to watch as a student begins to believe in him or herself.
4. My happy place is on the beach with a book in my hands.
5. I’m in intense training to learn how to say “no” to committees, roles, responsibilities, and anything else that takes up the little bit of time I have left at the end of the day.
6. My biggest regret in life is living far, far away from my family. I’m still a Missouri girl at heart.
7. The weirdest thing I eat is probably bacon and peanut butter sandwiches (which partially explains my love/hate relationship with my “dreadmill”).

The fifteen blogs I nominate are:

1. Elaine Baldwin at One Another Living. Elaine’s posts always push me to be a better person. I keep reading, hoping it works!

2. Judy at Connecting Dots to God. Her blog is a beautiful exploration of the connection between God and humans, heaven and earth.

3. Lisa Buffaloe shares informational book reviews along with uplifting spiritual contemplation which blesses me greatly.

4. Connie Almony at Living the Body of Christ. Connie provides interesting thoughts and helpful information on a variety of topics, such as adoption, God’s glory, military missions, and learning disabilities.

5. Ivon Prefontaine at Teacher as Transformer: Education, Leadership, Life, and Transformation. I know he’s been nominated recently by others, but I had to give him a mention. His blog is a wonderful collection of poetry, beautiful photography, and inspirational thoughts.

6. Paula Mowery is a writer and Christian who motivates me to work harder in both aspects of my life.

7. Marney McNall at The Volunteer Fringe. I’m not sure how Marney finds the time to blog because she tirelessly pursues every opportunity to serve others…but I’m glad she does blog because it blesses and encourages me every time I read her posts.

8. Elly at Philanthropy, a fashion company opened in June of 2007 with the belief that a business built around charitable works and grounded in Christ could make a difference in the world.

9. Pat Dyer at Ramblings of a Crowded Mind. Pat has provided support, advice, and encouragement in my writing journey. Her blog provides additional writing inspiration and awesome book reviews.

10. Melissa Finnegan at 5020genesis Exchanging Darkness for Light. Melissa offers exceptional, entertaining book reviews along with spiritual insights.

11. Eileen Rife at The Write Stuff. As the site states, it provides musings on live, love, and good books. What a great combination!

12. Lesley Carter at Bucket List Publications. Lesley allows me to travel the world through her outstanding images and adventures she shares.

13. Mique at Thirty Handmade Days. Mique provides great mom advice, recipes, and fun ideas. Her blog makes me smile!

14. Teaching in High Heels. Even though at 5’10” I rarely wear heels, I still love the imaginative teaching ideas in this colorful, creative blog.

15. April at Mama Loves Food. She features great recipes without making me feel guilty for allowing my kids to eat food that’s not completely raw, gluten-free, steroid-free, organic and/or any other label that makes it healthy. Yes, we could and should eat healthier, but it’s nice to find a site that doesn’t make my guilt meter spike.

Thanks again, Lisa. This has been fun!


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  1. Yay! Thank you for the honor and blessing of including me in your list!

    God’s blessings to you,

    • You are so welcome, Lisa! I wanted to share your blog with others!

  2. paulamowery said,

    Thank you so much for honoring me first with being a reader and follower of my blog and then for nominating me for a Lovely Blog Award. Are those of us on your list supposed to display the award logo? How do we get that?

    • Yes! Display the logo and follow the same three steps I did. There are 2 different logo styles. I have one in my sidebar and the one from this post. I just copied the logo pic from the site of the person who nominated me. I’m not sure if there is an “official” place to get them.
      And you’re very welcome!! 🙂

  3. thanks for the kind words 🙂

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