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Too Many Things to Say…

Posted in A Class Act by Linden Barrick on October 15, 2012
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I can’t narrow down my blog to one subject today. There’s just too much to say. But I have managed to choose three things to address:

1) First of all, thank you! When I checked my blog last night after being out of town and unplugged for a few days, I noticed I have reached 100 followers. Woohoo! I’m very humbled and overwhelmed that many people want to read the words I write. I realize many blogs get thousands of people reading and commenting each time they post, so to them 100 followers might not seem like a great accomplishment. But for me, it’s unbelievable. Again, thank you so much.

2) Today is my birthday, which many people my age would see as a negative. For me, in many ways, it’s just another day. I’m teaching, going to the dentist, going grocery shopping…normal, routine activities.

But it’s also a special day. My phone is buzzing like a bee with all the Facebook messages. I smile each time it dances across my desk. I cried this morning (those who know me are probably thinking, “You cry all the time. That doesn’t make it a special day!”) when Autumn gave me a birthday card and gift. Her newfound independence from her job made her eyes shine with pride. It wasn’t a card Daddy bought. It wasn’t a gift from the whole family. It was from her, bought with her own hard work. Now if I could only be the mom the card says I am…

3) Friday at noon, I left on the church bus with eleven middle school youth for a retreat in the mountains. I was very excited to see the beautiful autumn colors on the mountainsides, but the trees weren’t cooperating. These pictures are the only 2 trees I saw showing off their seasonal fashions. Oh, well. I returned home last night to the greatest Autumn beauty of all.


Even with the lack of color, the retreat inspired and uplifted me. It encouraged me to take a step I’ve been contemplating for a long time. I’m amazed at how often messages for the youth touch my life in significant ways.

And the kids…what an awesome experience to spend three days with such a fine group. There were over 600 middle school students at the retreat and many accepted Jesus into their hearts for the first time, including one from our church. I’m so grateful I’m allowed to be a part of their lives.

Have a great week everyone. So far, mine is fantastic!


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  1. Kit Adkins said,

    I’ve thought of you off and on today, which is a special day because you were born! I am celebrating that you are an inspiration and joy in my life. May God continue to bless you and give you lots more birthdays to celebrate. Love you! Kit

    • Thank you, Kit! I spoke of you this past weekend as being one of the people I know with the strongest spiritual faith. You inspire me greatly and I’m so thankful your sister and my daddy were smart enough to bring us all together! Love you!

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