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Sandy is Visiting

Posted in A Class Act by Linden Barrick on October 29, 2012
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Living on waterfront property, at least for a couple of days!

Thank you, God, for keeping us safe in the storm.

Sandy rages offshore and has reached our coastal area with possessive hands. If the weather forecasts are correct, she will continue to overstay her welcome through tomorrow as she inches her way northward.

Her winds have stripped the trees of their autumn beauty. When this is over, many will stand with bare branches, beckoning winter to join us. Her rain floods yards, roads, and homes, and it will swell its own puddles for many more hours. The newscasters are now using the phrase “by Wednesday” when discussing the end, raising hopes that school might be closed again tomorrow.

And while Sandy assaults the outside of the house, the kids and I have stayed warm and dry inside.

Mark left for work yesterday morning. He came home for about an hour or so in the afternoon and appeared again in the middle of the night to capture a few hours of sleep. This morning, he shook himself awake, hopped in the shower, and headed out again.

On Saturday, as soon as it was announced school was cancelled for today, Chick-fil-a scheduled Autumn to work a 10 hour shift. If people don’t have electricity, CFA could potentially be swamped. Even if I didn’t have power, I don’t think I’d go there during a storm if I had food in the house (which everyone should…they’ve been predicting this for over a week), but apparently a lot of people will flock there.

As soon as Autumn received her schedule, my mommy worry gauge skyrocketed. Whether she goes to work or not is a decision I left up to Daddy Sheriff. Our main concern is a relatively new driver dealing with wind gusts and hydroplaning. It was decided I’ll do the drive and drop. I won’t have to worry about her being on her own, and I’ll get to have CFA for lunch. Bonus!

Other than that journey out, I don’t plan to go anywhere. Colton and I will be home reading, watching movies, planning lessons, and baking (as long as the power stays on). Quite possibly not just for today but for tomorrow as well. I admit I wouldn’t be a very good stay-at-home mom, but I am very blessed to have this break from our normal hectic routine.

Thank you, God, for keeping us safe in the storm.


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  1. Kit Nielson said,

    I’ll picture you and Colton cuddled up together with the puppy watching an oldie-but-goodie movie. Wish I could drop by and cuddle with you. Be safe on Autumn’s work commute. It’s a catch-up day for me. Fred moving slowly, but stoic as always. Thanks for the “newsletter/blog” about weather conditions and family plans for the duration. You write so beautifully. Love from your Mum

    • I am blessed with good friends…someone from church just picked up Autumn because they saw my blog and were headed to Gloucester. Now I’m just praying she doesn’t have to work until 10:30 tonight. If they let her go early, I’ll be a happy mommy!
      I love you. Will call later. 🙂

  2. patti shene said,

    I grew up out on Long Island and we saw some hurricanes, but never one like this! I live in Colorado now, but praying for friends, family, and acquaintances who live in the path of Sandy’s wrath.

    • I, too, have family in New York. Very scary for them when it’s something out of the norm. They are equipped to deal with an abundance of snow, but this is so out of the ordinary for them. I’ll add you and yours to my prayers!

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