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I Love Surprises

Posted in A Class Act by Linden Barrick on October 31, 2012
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Have you ever known someone for a while and think you have them figured out? Then one day they completely surprise you with a hidden talent or trait? I LOVE it when that happens.

A quiet teen who spends his free time hunting and fishing but reveals a love and talent for cooking.

A surly-looking, mostly-silent student with an “I don’t care” attitude who scores 100 on the first test.

An aggressive, violent teen who dissolves in tears when I tell him I care about him and his future.

A normally negative acquaintance who smiles and looks on the bright side for a change.

An independent, strong individual who humbles herself and asks for help.

I also enjoy situations that astonish me.

A mandatory meeting I anticipate will be long and boring but ends up inspiring and informational.

A volunteer opportunity that ends up blessing me more than those I’m serving.

A card of thanks and encouragement left for me from an anonymous church member.

A top expert in my field showing an interest in something I’m doing.

And especially, a hurricane that spares my family the worst of her fury.

Thank you, God, for the amazement you add to my life through people and situations. May I always view them with wonder and gratitude.


5 Responses to 'I Love Surprises'

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  1. paulamowery said,

    Amen, Sister! Those little blessings just keep me going. God seems to know exactly when we need one.

    • 🙂 You’re right, Paula. It’s all in His timing. Thanks for reading and commenting!

    • Thanks for the blog follow, Paula!

  2. optimisticgladness said,

    I am reminded of the song, “Always look on the brighter side of life.” Good post. Thank you.

    • Great song! Thanks for making the comparison. And thanks for reading and commenting! Blessings! 🙂

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