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Where is My Enthusiasm?

Posted in A Class Act by Linden Barrick on January 22, 2013
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At the continual prompting of a caring – and tenacious – friend, I recently went to the doctor to have a physical. Yesterday morning I went to have blood drawn for the lab work. It wasn’t a great visit. The lab tech taking care of me was unpleasant. In fact, she was mean. I didn’t leave with a very good attitude, and I allowed her rotten mood to affect my own.

After I left the lab, Autumn and I headed to Richmond to drop off some soda can tabs at the Ronald McDonald House before hitting the mall so she could spend some Christmas gift cards. During the ride, I continued to whine about the mean lab tech. I was wallowing in the funk she had wrapped around me while collecting my blood.

Then, about half way to Richmond, a sighting completely flipped my mood. First, I noticed a license plate on a silver vehicle that said SNTAWGN.

photo (4)

It made me smile, especially after I saw the side of the vehicle. It was painted with a red sleigh.


I became giddy. A child-like excitement gripped me as I started to anticipate the driver’s appearance. And I wasn’t disappointed! It was Santa!

photo (3)

Although Autumn didn’t share my exuberance, she reluctantly took pictures with my phone as I drove. He smiled and waved, probably used to the attention.

As the day passed, I excitedly shared my news with anyone I could. By the evening, it hit me. It had been a very long time since I felt such joy in something. Yes, it is special and unusual to see Santa in January, but doesn’t every single day hold something special? Why are my emotions squelched? Am I too busy? Do I feel too old? Why can’t I become light-headed with enthusiasm each and every day?

I’m not sure the reason or reasons, but maybe my Santa sighting was a reminder that joy surrounds me, everywhere and all the time. I simply have to open myself up to experience all the blessings life – and God – offers.


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  1. Lee Anne Bray said,

    I have some thoughts on this matter. I have been thinking a lot about the topic of joy lately. I look forward to digging deeper into this matter Friday night!

    • Digging deep over some yummy Mexican food!

  2. I hear you, Linden. Sometimes I think we’ve let life wear us down, and that’s not exactly a good testimony from Christians, is it? God, and His care for us, is delightful–if we focus on Him and not on ourselves.

    I had to think for a bit, but I remember the last thing I squealed about: a flock of little sparrows clustered on our back deck rail in the snow just long enough to send me running for the camera.

    May God open our eyes to see, and our hearts to respond, to the little treats He hides in our days, so we can renew our enthusiasm and not mope. I’ve picked up Margaret Feinberg’s new book, Wonderstruck, and am hoping to learn some good pointers there.

    • Thanks, Janet, for the recommendation. Always love a new book! The day after I posted this, I got some news that dampened my spirit greatly. I felt like the devil was throwing a mess at me since I felt determined to feel joy. He likes doing that, doesn’t he? Just have to remember that God’s joy is soooo much stronger than anything the devil can throw my way.

      • Amen. Keep pressing on.

  3. […] At Hello God, Welcome to My Classroom, Linden Barrick muses on how rarely we encounter something special that brightens our spirits, when there are special touches in every day. [Read Where is My Enthusiasm] […]

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