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Mother’s Day

Posted in A Class Act by Linden Barrick on May 9, 2013
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Here are some of the many amazing women I’ll be celebrating this weekend…

face painting

My mom is, of course, who will be on my mind and in my heart the most this weekend. I’m looking forward to late June when I will be able to spend some long overdue time with her. Last year, I wrote about what an incredible woman she is (This Sunday, Mum’s the Word), and every word still holds true today.


These lovely ladies with me (love the hair a few decades ago) are my grands. Grandma Louise, Fred’s mom; Nonnie, mom’s mom; and Grandmother, Daddy’s mom.

suz, kit, willa

Suzy (on the left) enjoyed a little more than a decade with my Daddy before he died. You can read more about this inspiring lady in my post Why Divorce Can be a Blessing. She’s pictured here with her sister, Kit, and her adopted daughter, Willa Kate.

Suzy and Kit’s mom, Kitty, who passed away last summer, was also a wonderful woman, a true Southern belle. I know  Mother’s Day will be hard for them this year, their first without their mom. I pray they spend Sunday dwelling on their good memories.


My mother-in-law, Pauline Barrick, is such a blessing. She always takes time to help out when our schedules are chaotic (which is all the time!) by picking up kids, babysitting, running errands, feeding us, etc.


All of Fred’s girls…Mom and all my sisters – Annie, me, Lucy, Liz, and Lauren.

barrick girls

Mark’s sister Julie and sister-in-law Karen.

With my mom as the one of seven kids and my dad as one of four, I have been blessed with an abundance of love from many aunts as well who have been influential women in my life.


My mom with all her sibs including the three sisters – Linda, Sandy, and Deb.

rick and pam

Uncle Rick with Aunt Pam.


Uncle David with Aunt Pam.


Uncle Bobby with Judy, who will be greatly missed this Mother’s Day as she is always.


Aunt Jackie, Daddy’s sister, loved and missed every day.

farrar crew2

Aunt Sandy, Kevin’s wife, and her beautiful kids.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the strong, inspirational women I know. Thanks for blessing my life the way you do.


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