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Have You Ever Felt Adrift?

Posted in A Class Act by Linden Barrick on August 9, 2013
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Last week, I spent an amazing week at Lake Greenwood in South Carolina with my step-mom, Suzy, and her family. Every year the days at the lake take on a familiar pattern. We wake up, eat, take a walk down the road to visit the donkeys that reside in a pasture nearby, spend time in the lake, eat lunch, more lake time, eat dinner, and play cards or a board game late into the night.


It’s a calm, unplugged week with poor cell reception and two television stations. If we need to make a call or want to go online, we usually have to stand on the end of the dock or walk out to the road.

While on the water each day, we boat, tube, ski, jet ski, swim, and float. Mark and Colton spend many hours fishing, which rewards us with a delicious fish fry dinner. Of all the time on the water, I have to admit I love to laze on a raft most of all. The speed of the jet ski, excitement of the tube, and freedom of boat rides are glorious, but basking in the sun while bobbing in the water makes me content and happy. Usually I close my eyes, listen to the kids play, feel the water ripple around me, and chat with whoever is floating alongside.


On Thursday, the breeze tried to ruin our raft time. We ended up floating to the neighbor’s dock and paddling back numerous times. Although I could use the exercise to combat the many meals we consumed, it wasn’t our normal relaxing float. The old quote says, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” In this case, laziness gave birth to inspiration. Digging a ski rope from the boat, I hooked the handle around a dock piling and looped the other end around my ankle once I dragged myself back onto my raft. Suzy and her sister Kit paddled up, grasped the neighboring float, and created a raft convoy.  Once again, we were able to enjoy our raft time without drifting away.


Suzy commented that our spiritual life resembles our raft experience. We held on to each other and also tethered ourselves to a stable structure. As Christians, we must stay connected to one another while tethering ourselves to Jesus to keep us in the right place. Without Him we become adrift, never really knowing where we will end up, and once we are lost, we struggle mightily to return to the path He has planned for us.

Are you adrift? Are you floating slowly in the wrong direction, seemingly unable to change your course? Tether yourself to Jesus and connect with other believers. Your spiritual life will be transformed. It could even feel like a peaceful, contented day at the lake!


No Words Necessary…

Posted in A Class Act by Linden Barrick on April 7, 2013
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Are You Trapped Within Your Natural Habitat?

Posted in A Class Act by Linden Barrick on August 6, 2012
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What is your natural habitat? How do you define your comfort zone? Existing within boundaries of familiarity can certainly create peace and contentment in life.

But can you become too comfortable? Be too content? Our daily routines become similar to a worn pair of jeans. They fit so well, we want to wear them every day. Sometimes, though, the jeans aren’t hanging in the closet and we have to choose something different.

Does stepping outside familiar boundaries cause you discomfort? Do you cringe from stress or do you view it as an adventure?

Today, I visited the St. Louis Zoo with my mom and my kids. As we braved the brutal heat and admired the animals, I couldn’t help but consider them trapped within their fences, glass walls, or screens.

The zoo has created beautiful environments for the animals, each closely resembling their natural habitats. But what if they broke out? Would they be scared and confused? Or would they run, fly, or jump with excitement?

I have to admit sometimes breaking free of my natural habitat is scary. I like having a plan and knowing what to expect. When I have to step (not run, fly, or jump…more likely tiptoe, creep, or even crawl) outside my comfort zone, my heart pumps erratically and my breath comes out in shallow gasps.

I realize after the fact this type of intimidating situation is a good thing. Logically, I acknowledge my need to embrace change as adventures and/or opportunities because I know I miss out on a lot when I don’t.

Are you also trapped inside your comfortable life? Do you need to break free and embrace opportunities that force you outside your boundaries? Together, let’s be brave and accept the next situation that would normally make us cringe in trepidation.

Do you like being in your comfort zone? Or do you thrive on change and the unknown? Share in a comment.


This baby in the primate house was the highlight of my day!

P.S. Just a short public service announcement…the St. Louis Zoo is a wonderful place. Entrance into the zoo is free, and if you’re patient enough to wait for a spot to open or willing to walk a bit, you can park along one of the roadways nearby instead of the more costly parking lots. Picnic areas surround the zoo, so you can pack a lunch and enjoy an inexpensive or even free day with the whole family. The gorgeous landscaping must take continuous care. The animals are whimsical and majestic. The staff and volunteers are helpful, friendly, and informative. The zoo is one of our favorite spots when we visit St. Louis. If you ever find yourself in the area, it’s definitely worth the time.



Is Today a Lucky Day?

Posted in A Class Act by Linden Barrick on July 13, 2012
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Friday the 13th. Many conversations and comments revolve around luck each time this day and date coincide.

Today, we are driving home from our yearly lake vacation. The week did not go as planned. Many of our traditional activities had to be cancelled because of unforeseen and distressing circumstances.

Some would say luck wasn’t with us. But I’ve been reminded that luck is all about God’s timing.

And His timing is always perfect.

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